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Matt Spike is a fetish artist who uses video, photography and human installations to illustrate his view of fetishism, queer identity and homoeroticism. I'm full of ideas and concepts relating to submission and dominance and the superficiality of sexuality; a politically-minded person, I like to include an edge in most of my images as I believe taboos should always be challenged; and as an admirer of subculture, I gravitate towards left-field, bizarre tastes in sexual practice. 

As an artist, the fuel in Matt’s engine is his drive to create “kinky art and push it further than we thought imaginable". Matt has street cred: “I started working as a leather escort at 22 years old. At that time, not many young kids were domming, and my mind was still young, getting warped quickly by exposure to fantasies of death, suffering, humiliation, exhibition, and voyeurism.

Matt was the winner of the MorePIXX International Fetish Photography Contest in 2008.


Gay Times





Boner Magazine

BOX Magazine

The Guardian




QX Magazine

Boyz Magazine


Strand Gallery 2016/2017 (London)

Dirty Show 2015/2016/2017 (Detroit)

Chemsex (VICE) 2017 (London)

Company of Men 2018/2019 (Melbourne)

Antebellum 2018 (Los Angeles)

MorePIXX 2018 (Antwerp and Berlin)

Mr Leather UK 2018 (Bristol)

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